Substitution / holidays

Created: 2017-05-23
Last updated: 2017-05-24
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If one of your employees is going on holiday or he is absent, use the option "Substitution / holidays" to redirect his mailbox to the person who will replace him. All posts that will appear in the inbox of an employee who is not at the office will be redirected to the selected mailbox. As a result, your customers will be serviced on time and no correspondence will be lost.

This function allows you to determine who will replace the absent person and for how long. After returning employee, the system will restore the previous settings mailboxes.

To activate this feature, go to Settings -> Users and select an employee who will be absent, then select the Substitute checkbox and complete the fields:

Who is replacing - you can select a particular user or the whole team
Substitute from - enter the date of the beginning of absence
Substitute to - enter the date of completion of the absence

The absent person is marked with a palm tree icon:



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