How to send e-mail from your own address

Created: 2015-07-01
Last updated: 2017-12-05
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Sugester lets you send e-mail from your own address. However, for this feature to work optimally, you should consider adding an SPF record to your DNS settings.
To send e-mail from your own e-mail address, go to Settings > E-mail addresses > Add new address.
Adding a new e-mail address - step 1
You will then see this screen:
Adding your own e-mail address to Sugester - step 2
You can fill out as many or as few fields as you like - only the first one, marked e-mail is mandatory. This is where you put the e-mail address you want to be able to send messages from, such as After you've done that, just click 'save' - and that's it!


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