Automatic replies to emails (autoresponder)

Created: 2015-10-30
Last updated: 2016-01-05
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We have added a new feature to Sugester - an email autoresponder. Automatic responding can be configured for any mailbox you have set up in Sugester. For example: if one of your addresses is, all emails sent to this address can receive an automated reply with predefined content. A good use for automatic replies is informing your customers that their question has been received and is now being processed. You can also include a time estimate or other general information.

To set up automatic responses for one of your mailboxes, go to Settings > Mailboxes, choose one of your mailboxes and click on its name. You will see all the settings available for this mailbox. Scroll to the bottom to find a checkbox marked Autoreply. After ticking it, you will see two options:

  • Reply subject can be left empty - by default Sugester will generate a subject based on your customer's e-mail subject by adding RE: in front of it.
    If you choose your own subject, it will remain the same for every automatic reply.
    You can also take advantage of our Handlebars variable {{subject}} here. An example use would look like this: Your e-mail titled '{{subject}}' has been received.
  • Reply content cannot be left empty. As with all emails edited in Sugester, you can use HTML and Handlebars variables.
    Available variables are: {{first_name}}

After you've written your message, click 'save changes' to enable the autoresponder.


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