Clients' statuses managing

Created: 2018-07-04
Last updated: 2018-07-04

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Statuses allows to filter selected clients and inform us about the stage of cooperation.

In this article you'll learn:
  • how to add new status
  • where to find actual statuses on the list and client's card
  • how to search for clients by statuses
  • how to change the name for status
  • how to change a status for many clients at once
  • how to add colour to the status

Adding new status

Sugester offers you 4 default clients' statuses: Contract, Potential, Paying and Lost.

If you're at the beginning of your work with Sugester and you want to display default clients' statuses, select Settings > Account settings > Statuses, click on the cog icon in top right corner and select Client statuses.

... then click on +New status and select a name for your status. You can also select Pipeline (learn about pipeline here: and add a colour to the new status

Statuses on the list and in client's profile

On the clients' list it's just another column. By default, Status column is displayed on the list. You can easily change that thanks to Display options (learn more here:


On client's profile status is displayed under client's name.

Searching by the status

To search for all your clients with a particular status, you can just use the browser on the left side of the list. In field 'Status' select the one you want to find.


Changing the name of a status

To change default status names, select Settings > Account settings > Statuses, then click on the wrench icon on a status you want to change, and click on Edit.


Changing the status for many clients at the same time

Select CRM > Clients, mark with checkbox clients, whose statuses you want to change, and from the menu above select other status.

Adding colours to statuses

Select Settings > Account settings > Statuses, click on Edit > More options and select the colour you want.


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