WooCommerce plugin for Sugester (clients/deals integration)

Created: 2018-08-07
Last updated: 2018-08-07

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We've propered a plugin for a popular shop platform WooCommerce, based on WordPress. It allows you to easily transfer customers database between Suegster and WooCommerce. Below we present instructions for integration. Direct download link: WooCommerce Plugin.

To install Sugester plugin in your WooCommerce shop, please do as follows:

  1. Login to your WordPress panel. 
  2. Download and activate WooCommerce plugin for Sugester. Go to plugin configuration: WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > Sugester.
  3. You will see two fields: Token API and Sugester's Domain. In the first field input your API token - you will find it in Sugester: Settings > API. In the second field type your Sugester's account address: youraddress.sugester.com.
  4. Save changes and refresh the page. After refreshing you will see new options in WooCommerce:
  • show all Sugester's clients
  • show all Sugester's deals
  • creating all clients in Sugester
  • creating all deals in Sugester
  • creating singular deal in Sugester
  • creating singular client in Sugester
  • show client's orders in Sugester
  • show client's profile in Sugester

The plugin is still a beta version, so we encourage all our users to report their suggestions and problems at info@sugester.pl.


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