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Created: 2016-04-15
Last updated: 2016-04-15
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Sugester is meant to save you time, and with that in mind we came up with an innovative feature - the Email Assistant. The Email assistant is meant for extremely busy people who want to spend less time digging through their email.

To enable the Assistant, go to Settings > Email settings and select your mailbox. On the settings screen expand More options - the first position will be the Email Assistant.

Sugester Email Assistant

The options mean:

  • Disabled - the Email Assistant is turned off;
  • Ignore unknown senders - email from people not on your contact list will be rerouted to the 'Unassigned' folder;
  • Ignore all messages - all email will be rerouted to the 'Unassigned' folder.

Contents of the 'Unassigned' folder are visible to all your co-workers. The unknown email that gets there can be picked up by someone less busy or reviewed and re-assigned to you. We think it's a huge time saver for busy people - let us know what you think at


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