How to create a new task

Created: 2015-05-05
Last updated: 2018-08-14
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Sugester allows you to create, assign and track tasks. There are several ways to add a new task, but the two simplest ones are available directly your main inbox view.

You can either click on +New task in the top-left corner or, if you're not in the inbox, go to Shortcuts > New task. Either way, you will see the task creation dialog:

Every task can have the following properties:
  • Priority (changed by clicking the star in the top-left corner) - indicates the task's importance;
  • Title - contains a short summary of the new task;
  • Content - you can enter a longer description of the task here;
  • Assign to - select the person responsible for completing the task;
  • Status - you can create custom statuses or use one of the predefined ones;
  • Project - if the task is connected with a particular project;
  • Client ID - if the task is meant for a particular client, you can enter his name here;
  • Deadline - the day on which the task is supposed to be completed;
  • Getting started - time when you start doing your task;
  • Department - departments are groups of people within your company;
  • Folder - folder in which your task will be;
  • Deal - if the task is connected to a deal;
  • Error - tick if by the task you're making you're reporting an error;
  • Select files to upload - every task can have attachments, each one no larger than 10 MB.
Click Save to confirm creating your new task. It will immediately appear in the inbox of the person you've assigned it to.


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