How to report errors?

Created: 2019-12-20
Last updated: 2020-02-06

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Although we work very hard to keep the system running smoothly, sometimes certain features or modules won't work properly and you'll receive a system error. In most cases, when you receive error 503 or 500, it's just a temporary problem. Our programmers are notified right away and usually, after few minutes, the problem is fixed.


However, if you need our help with solving a particular problem, we will need some information to help us go to the middle of the issue and enable our IT team to diagnose the case. So prepare answers for questions below:
  • what's the name of your account? Learn more here 
  • when did the problem appear?
  • is the problem constant, or random?
  • if there's a problem with emails/tasks/projects/deals, prepare the direct link. You can find it in your browser's address bar:
  • provide specific examples - eg. when one of your users has access related problems, we'll need a login and a link to a client/project/deal where the problem appeared
  • describe, step by step, what are you doing when the problem appears - you can say eg. that you're selecting Settings > CRM Configuration etc.
  • if there's an error message, eg. you're saving changes and error appears, make a screenshot of the whole page with the URL address and email it to Example of such screen you can find below:



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