Errors/limits in email campaigns

Created: 2020-02-04
Last updated: 2020-02-06

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With Sugester sending an email campaign is the easiest and the fastest way to let your clients know about sales or important updates. As you have probably noticed, sometimes email campaigns are marked with errors which may lead to the blockade. In this article we'll focus on emailing errors and ways to avoid them.

Note! Remember to send your campaigns only when you have recipients' consent.

1. Check if the email database is valid

Unfortunately, Sugester won't do that for you. You have to verify email addresses yourself, or use the help of available online checkers (eg. But remember that the results aren't 100% certain, and such doubts would be resolved by talking to a client. Now it's especially important, as we've enabled new error limits. You will find kinds of errors in E-mailing > E-mail campaigns > select a campaign > Errors.

Allowed error limits are the new protection against sending spam and phishing content - such practises are strictly forbidden as they constitute the violation of our Terms of serviceCurrently we have two kinds of blockades:
  • one-time blockade - if a campaign is sent to 500 or less receivers, it will be blocked after reaching 50 errors (eg. when you have a lot of incorrect addresses). Later it's 10% of errors (eg. when sending a campaign to 700 receivers, it will be blocked with 70 errors). When it comes to this blockade you can contact us and after verifying the campaign we might be able to unblock it. However, it is a warning commiting you to make a thorough check of your contact base and error details (you can find it by clicking on Errors in the campaign card)
  • one-week blockade - if a campaign is sent to max. 2000 receivers and there's min. 100 errors, mailing will be blocked for a week. If it's sent to over 2000 receivers, then mailing will be blocked with errors reaching to 5%. Eg. when campaign is sent to 5000 contacts mailing will be blocked with 250 errors. But in this case we won't be able to unblock it manually - it will be taken down automatically after one week
Like we've mentioned, limits above are a protection against spammers and phishers, but that doesn't mean that your campaign was blocked because of sending restricted content. If your database was not verified and eg. addresses had typos, the server will reject such messages. A lot of rejections may be read by server as sending spam, even if that's not the case (because for some reason it didn't accept sent emails). It's also why it's extremely important to verify email addresses.

2. Kinds of errors

By clicking in Errors, you will be transfered to Activities with errors description.

Kinds of errors:
  • check if the domain in the address is correct - if there's a typo, the system might not recognize the domain. If the domain is correct, then it means that it's the email recipient who's got a problem - most likely in domain configuration there is no MX record or it's incorrect. MX record is saved in each domain configuration. Such record shows the sender where the recipients' server is - without this information email delivery is impossible.
  • an email has been rejected by the recipient's server, so our server won't send it again.So if an error occure while sending an email (invalid address, no domain etc.), then our server won't even try to send it again. This way we can keep the 'good reputation' of our server and maintain a high email deliverability. If the problem is fixed by the recipient, then let us know - we will remove the address from the block list.
  • spam content has been detected - recipient's server marked an email as a spam and rejected it
  • email address doesn't exist - the most common cause for this error is a typo
  • incorrect sender's data - eg. invalid email address 
  • recipient's mailbox is blocked or misconfigured - contact the mailbox' owner and inform him to check the configuration
  • domain suspended - can appear when recipient's server is having a maintenance break or the server is overloaded with received emails
  • you've been blacklisted by the recipient
  • emails has been sent too fast. Some domains, like Gmail, have time limits, eg. you can sent 20 emails hourly and 500 daily. If messages are sent too fast, then mailing will be blocked. When that's the case, you should divide your campaign into smaller packages

3. How to avoid errors?

Make sure you:
  • check if your contact base is correct
  • control server's time/quantitative limits, if they occur, divide your campaign into smaller packages
  • avoid certain marks/phrases in your campaign, eg. fantastic, awesome, a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and question marks??????
  • configure SPF records to improve email deliverability (learn more: Improved email deliverability)
  • errors should be reported to your email provider


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