Importing emails database to Sugester

Created: 2019-12-02
Last updated: 2019-12-03

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When you switch between two systems it's crucial to maintain the history of correspondence with clients. To make the process easier, we're giving you the opportunity to transfer all your emails from another system to Sugester.

If your old system enables email export in EML or Maildir, then you can easily import files into Sugester.

NOTE! Before starting the process make sure that your emails are compressed into ZIP and that a file is not bigger than 1GB. If you'd like to import a bigger file then you should divide it into few smaller ones.

If your file is ready, select Settings > Import/Export > Import > Import emails. You will see the following panel:

  • upload an attachment in the ZIP format
  • select a mailbox to assign imported emails
  • select a user responsible for new posts
  • click on Next

Few minutes later your import will be processed and new emails will be assigned to a chosen user and a mailbox.

If you'd like to import sent emails, do the following:

  • create a new folder and name it Sent items
  • add in there all emails you'd like to import (in eml or maildir)
  • skompresuj folder używając formatu .zip compress the folder into a .zip file
  • start your import

If you don't follow instructions above, then emails won't be assigned to clients. Note that these are instructions for sent emails only - you don't have to create a special folder for received emails.


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