Using Sugester's unlimited file storage

Created: 2015-07-10
Last updated: 2016-01-20
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All paid plans in Sugester give you access to our unlimited cloud storage; on the free plan, storage is limited to 1 GB. The maximum supported file size is 10 MB. There are no restrictions on the number and format of your files.

To add files to your Sugester account, go to Settings > Files > Add files. You will see the following screen:

Sugester unlimited cloud storage main screen

You can also create new folders. To do that, type the new folder's name into the field provided and click the + button.

Sugester storage - how to add new folders

Files uploaded to Sugester can be easily shared with your clients and co-workers. To obtain a direct, shareable link to a file, go to its destination folder, right click on its name and choose "Copy link address". How to get a shareable link to your Sugester files

You can then paste it into chat conversations, e-mail and so on.


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