New user privilege category - access restricted to e-mail and own tasks

Created: 2015-09-15
Last updated: 2016-01-05
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We have added a new user category to Sugester. From now on, when you invite a person to your account, you can assign them this new class and restrict their access to just e-mail and the tasks that they have themselves created. Such users will only be able to access the 'Inbox' module of Sugester. This kind of user account is a great solution if you employ freelancers or have team members whose sole responsiblity is dealing with customer enquiries.

Adding a new restricted user is very easy. Just go to Settings > Users, click on either Add user or Invite user and choose Restricted to email and own tasks as his privilege level.

Inviting a new restricted user

This new user will be heavily restricted in what he can access. His options will be limited to reading and writing e-mail (only from the department he has been assigned to), and creating + assigning tasks.


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