Custom variable configuration

Created: 2016-02-11
Last updated: 2016-02-11
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It's always good to have as much information about your conversation available as possible. Having detailed data about your interlocutor can help you resolve their issues more quickly or drive the sales process more efficiently. With that in mind we have added a way for you to pass custom variables to our live chat operator's panel.

To start passing custom variables to your chat operator's window you will have to modify your code snippet. The snippet can be obtained by going to Settings > Live chat settings and clicking on your chat's name. Your snippet will look simliar to this one:

Sample Sugester live chat snippet

Text version:

<!-- online chat "Your chat name" -->
<script> //var sugesterChatLogin = "Your user login"</script>
<script src=""></script>
<script> var sugesterChatInfo = "<br/>custom variable: ABCDEF123456<br/>" </script>
<!-- online chat END -->

To start passing your custom parameter, you have to define the variable sugesterChatInfo. Its value can then be formatted using HTML.

Example custom variable in Sugester live chat


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