Sugester CRM integration with VoIP Telecube

Created: 2016-02-11
Last updated: 2022-10-07
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Sugester includes phone call support. Our VOIP module is integrated with a Polish VOIP operator called Telecube.

Telecube provides business customers with innovative telecommunications solutions. Thanks to them you can take complete control over all phone calls in the company, manage your services and company telecommunications equipment.

The list below includes all currently operational features in Sugester:

  • caller number logging;
  • support for multiple destination numbers;
  • call time, date and length logging;
  • call end statuses (who disconnected first);
  • operator logging (who picked up a call);
  • call recording;
  • call notes.

If you want to use the VOIP module in Sugester:

1. Sign up on Telecube. pl
2. Activate Virtual phone exchange in Telecube
3. Transfer your old phone number to Telecube or buy a new one
4. Go to Settings > Modules in Sugester and enable the VOIP module
5. Go to Settings > Account settings > Integrations and check Integration with Telecube. Then enter the login and the password from Telecube in the fields below.

6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page


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