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Created: 2018-07-03
Last updated: 2018-07-03
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If your client is at the beginning of customer's portal use, first you should send him/her a link for login in the portal (how to do it:

Sign up

If your client will use the portal for the first time, let him know, that after clicking in the link he has to sign up.

After filling login, email address and password, client will be registered in the portal and can start adding posts.

Note! Email address used for sign up has to be the same as the one in 'Contacts'. You cannot use private email address that is not added to client's contact list.


Your client, while login, uses the same link you gave him in at the beginning. After typing in the URL address, he will see a window for login, similar to the one for registering. To login he should use data given in sign up.



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