Sample SSO configuration

Created: 2015-04-23
Last updated: 2016-06-08

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Sugester supports logging in through accounts from third-party websites that have login APIs. When a user tries to log on to the Sugester forum our serves query the third party API and authorize login based on the response.
Example of a third party API:
response: {"status":"ok","email":"","login": "valid_login"}
If the login and password are correct, the third-party website responds with some form a user ID (an e-mail or nickname) which is then displayed in Sugester.
Configuring SSO for Sugester
To configure SSO for Sugester go to Settings => Account settings => SSO URL and paste the SSO URL from your website in the provided space.
Sample SSO Configuration
3 Servers
S1 - the server on which Sugester runs, for example:
S2 - the server on which the bridging app runs, for example:
S3 - your server with an ActiveDirectory/LDAP/other user base

Bridging app
A small app which runs on S2 under the domain After being queried (for example with it communicates with S3 and checks whether a user 'user1' exists in the database and confirms if his password is 'hunter2'. If so, it returns 'yes'; if not, it returns 'no'.
This way Sugester (S1) queries the bridging app (S2) which in turn queries your user database (S3), but no credentials are shared with directly with us (S1).


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