Filters - converting email into a client

Created: 2017-12-12
Last updated: 2017-12-13
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Sugester enables you to create a special filter, which will scan the default content of the email and convert it into a new customer in the database.

To enable this functionality head over to Settings > Account Settings > Automation > Filters create a ‘Mapping Filter’ and add a Javascript code. It will extract the content of the email and convert them into JSON for the appropriate client.

After implementing these changes, every email which will adhere to the conditions of the filter will be converted from Javascript into JSON. On the basis of this JSON a new client will be added (or an existing one will be updated).

Note: This is a functionality which is still being tested. If you want to have it enabled please reach out to us. It can also be used to create other objects such as; Leads, Deals, Tasks etc.


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