Projects column view

Created: 2018-04-12
Last updated: 2018-04-19

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The column view of the a project allows you to visually display the individual stages on which your project is located. You can track if a project has been accepted by the client, whether a contract has been signed or whether the next stage of work related to the project has been started. You can the stages of your project, based on the status of your projects.
The name of each column is the status or the stage at which you are with a given project. In the column view, you can see more than just the name of the project, as you are also able to view the information that you had entered into the Description field.

In the column view, you can quickly add a new project by clicking “+” in the upper right corner of each column.

You can also quickly change the status of a given project by simply dragging it from one column to another using the drop and drag method.


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