Clients column view

Created: 2018-04-13
Last updated: 2019-12-02

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The column view of clients allows you to visualize the individual stages of your relationship with your client. From the moment when the initial record appears in your database as a lead, until the moment when it becomes a Client.

The name of each column is the stage at which you are with the given customer. You can view more than just the name of your client. Underneath the name, you will be able to see a description of the client and the name and surname of the employee responsible for the customer.

In the column view, you can quickly add a new client by clicking "+" in the upper right corner of each column.

You can also change the stages of a customer relationship by simply dragging a record from one column to another using the drop and drag method.

Because customers are displayed on the basis of status within the pipeline, use the search function in the Status field, to select the sales channel you want to display from the Pipeline area. The system will display the column view of customers only with the status from the selected sales channel.



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