Categories in Projects

Created: 2018-04-16
Last updated: 2018-04-16

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In Sugester you have the option of assigning categories to individual projects. Categories can be fully defined at the administrator level. Thanks to categories users can filter through projects in more detail. 

Adding a category to a Project 

To add a category to the project, go to Settings> Account settings> Categories and in the CRM Categories window, click +Add category

WARNING! Categories are the same for clients and projects

After defining the project categories, you can add them to each project. To do this, go to Project> Edit> More options and in the Category field, select the category you want to give to the project from the list.

Searching by category

All you have to do is select the category from which you want to see the projects in the search engine on the right hand side of the list of projects. Finished!

Using project categories in Timeline projects

Project categories are closely related to the Timeline of projects. If you use Timeline projects to book rooms / rooms, and in addition you run other projects, unrelated to booking, be sure to check the Timeline project.


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