“Paid” field on the customer card

Created: 2018-04-17
Last updated: 2019-12-02

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The Paid field will inform you whether or not a given customer can be considered as a ‘victory’ or a ‘loss’, i.e. whether they paid your for the services you provided them with or not. This feature will come in particular handy for those who settle accounts with their clients on the basis of subscriptions. Thanks to this feature, you are able to quickly gain insights into your customer retention rate, by seeing which clients have extended their contracts with you and which have not. 

Payment information is collected automatically when the interest field for a given client is ‘won’. I.e. when the field of ‘To’ has a ‘future’ date and that date is different from today’s date. Therefore, in order for the system to show you the correct results, you must always remember to fill in the field From and To whenever you create a new interest.  If you client paid for a subscription of 3 months, fill in the ‘From, To’  field for the interest. 

So that the system will display the period for which the customer has paid on the card:

If you have forgotten to supplement the date regarding they payment period or when the payment has expired, you will see the payment period reflected as red in the customer view. This will allow you to see that a client was “lost”, that they have not extended their subscription. The message will look as follows:

You can also quickly search your entire list for ‘won’ or ‘lost’ customers by selecting one of the check boxes in the search engine. 



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