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Created: 2018-06-22
Last updated: 2018-06-22

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If you want to organize your tasks and see, how many is generated in a day/month/year, just enable Task/Email numbering. Sugester allows you to sort tasks in order of assigned period, so you can set numbering to restart every day, every month or every year. It makes it easier to control tasks assigned to your coworkers.
To enable Tasks numbering, select Settings > Helpdesk settings. When you mark 'Tasks numbering' checkbox, you will see the following window:

where field:
  • Example patterns - allows you to select numbering pattern and period after which tasks will 'restart'
  • Initial number - initial value for your tasks numbering
  • Pattern scope - if you want to enable tasks numbering only, select 'Separate patterns for tasks and emails'. You can also merge numbering, then new emails and tasks will share numbering
You can also enable just 'Email numbering' in here.

Note: if you delete a task or an email, its number will be remembered by the system, so you won't be able to give the same number to a new post.


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