Duplicated records

Created: 2018-07-04
Last updated: 2018-07-04

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Sugester recognise duplicated records in clients' data base while adding a client. One of he parameters, by which system is searching for duplicated data is TIN number. To enable this feature, in Settings > CRM settings mark Block duplicate entries based on tax ID checkbox and save changes. While adding a client with existing TIN number, Sugester will not allow to proceed with adding.

Other parameters used for recognising duplicated records are name and last name, phone number or email address. It means that system will show you this records if you try to add existing parameters.

It's an important feature to help preventing adding the same records to your data base. Additionally, if your employees are assigned to different departments and one of them wants to add client, who already exists in other department, system will inform him/her.


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