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Created: 2018-07-04
Last updated: 2018-07-04

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All activities on clients, that takes place outside of the system, like meetings, phone calls etc. - if we're not using VoIP - we can save in Activities field in client's profile.

Adding activity to a client

If you're adding activities on client's profile, you just have to unfold the arrow next to 'Send email' button in top left corner and select +Activity. In the new window you can type the name and describtion of activity.

Activities list will be displayed in client's profile:

On the list you will see: kind of activity, name of user, who added  activity and the date it was added.
At any time you can go to chosen activity, just click on its name.

Next activities you can add by clicking +Add activity, on the right side of activities' list.

Editing activities

Sometimes you have to make some changes or delete a record. To do so, select an activity. In the new window you can edit/delete it.

All clients' activity list

In each client's profile you can see the list of manually added activities. From this position you can see all clients activities. Just click on 'Activities' in client's profile. System will transfer you to all activities' list. From here, you can see, edit and delete activities. You can do it all with wrench icon on the right side of the list.



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