Update deals name from invoice position

Created: 2018-07-20
Last updated: 2018-07-20

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If you integrated Sugester with InvoiceOcean.com, from deals module you can quickly switch to issuing an invoice. Select CRM > Deals and click on a deal. Then select +Add invoice.

You will be transfered to your Invoice Ocean account, where you can issue an invoice (based on your deal).

Go back to Sugester and select Settings > CRM settings > Deals. You will see marked checkbox: Update deals name from invoice position.

If you're selecting +Add invoice in Sugester, 1st product's name on invoice will be the same, as it is in a deal. With marked 'Update...' checkbox, if you want to edit your invoice and change 1st product's name in Invoice Ocean, the name of the deal in Sugester will also be updated (to the one you chose in Invoice Ocean). If you unmark the checkbox, deals' names in Sugester will not be changed.


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