Displaying deals in calendar

Created: 2018-07-30
Last updated: 2018-07-30

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If your business field is eg. catering, booking or events, you must know how important good planning is. Before every event you surely negotiate with your clients and it doesn't always end up with signing the contract. To keep the order and focus only on confirmed, not potential deals, it's good to use checkbox Show deal on calendar only if date is provided.

This feature makes enables you to find easily deals with spiecified deadline. Just select Settings > CRM settings > Deals and mark 'Show deal on calendar only if date is provided' checkbox. This way on the calendar you will only see deals with 'Date' field filled.

After enabling this feature don't forget to fill out deal's date.

If you don't want to add a date every time, select Settings > CRM settings > Deals. Mark checkbox Set deals date to create date if no other provided - this way, even if you forget to fil out the date, system will select a date of saving the deal. Thanks to this feature deals will still be displayed in calendar.



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