Deals numbering

Created: 2018-07-30
Last updated: 2019-12-10

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Like in tasks and emails, also in deals you can enable numbering. It makes it easier to keep the order and monitor, how many deals you're creating. Depending from options, you can decide if numbering will be restarted every day, every month or every year.

To enable numbering, select Settings > CRM Settings > Deals and mark the Enable deals numbering checkbox.

You have following fields:
  • numbering format - you can number your deals according to the year (yyyy), month (mm), day (dd), or just a regular number
  • example patterns - here you can select default system numbering formats, then Numbering format field will be filled automatically
  • the first number - select a start number 
Deals' numbers will be displayed after selecting a particular deal:

Remember, that the numbering will not work backwards - previous deals after enabling numbering will remain the same.


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