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Created: 2018-08-03
Last updated: 2018-08-03

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Sometimes you have to note quickly some activities, eg. to finish your negotiation with a client, finish your email or go to project's next level. In Sugester the easiest solution for quick save notes about emails, tasks or project is the TODO feature. It's a kind of a checklist, where you write, what else, step by step, you have to do to finish your tasks.

TODO list is a good alternative for creating a new task to an email. In projects you can note each step necessary for finishing the project. After finishing each step, you can just unmark this step, it won't be deleted from the list, but will be crossed out. This will remind you later the stage of a project or a task. Each step you can also delete by using Trash can icon.

To enable notes in tasks and emails just click on TODO in email/task/project card.



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