Assigning emails to projects

Created: 2018-09-10
Last updated: 2018-09-10

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For sure you know, how Projects module makes your work easier. In one project you can have big order from a client, assign tasks to a project and constantly monitor the stage of a project. To make it even easier, you can also assign emails to projects. In this article we present how to do it.

1. Assigning emails to projects

a) Unfold 'Project' on te right side of the post

The fastest way to assign email to a project is unfolding 'Project' on the right side of an email in Inbox. Note, that this way you can only assign emails to open and active projects.

b) Assign a group of emails to a project

You can also assign more emails to a project - just mark emails with checkbox, and from the top panel select a project. In this case you can also assign emails to open and active projects.

2. Displaying emails in project's card

After assigning all emails to a project, you will see them in project's card, under tasks, as Other:

This way you will easily find all emails connected to a project.

3. Search emails by a project in Inbox

If you want to search only emails assigned to a project, you can use advanced search in Inbox. Just type the name of a project or select it from the list. In this case you can also choose from closed projects.


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