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Created: 2018-09-10
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Not always your contact become a client. Sometimes you exchange emails with someone interested with a product/service, wants to know some details, but is not your client yet. It's good to have such correspondence - might become handy some day. You never know when a contact will become a potential  client.

To make managing correspondence with contacts easier, you can use our new contact's profile. It gathers in one place all emails you've exchanged with a contact and every detail about it.

This way you can quickly find all history of correnpondence, from oldest to the newest.

Contact's profile contain detailed information about particular contact in your database. Just unfold an arrow under Email campaigns (or go to Settings > Email settings) and select Contacts. Then click on a contact. You can also use a browser and search for a record with email address.

Note, that each contact has its own contact profile. You cannot create contact's profile without email address.

Your contact's profile will look similar to the one below:

 From contact's profile you can send an email directly to the contact, see all correspondence history, and check details about email address, phone number, name, last name.

Contact's profile is divided into 2 sections:
  • on the left side there's a window with information about the contact and its connections. Basic data displayed to a user is name, last name, job position, client connected to a contact, email address, phone number, additional fields and responsible person.
  • on the right side there's a history of correspondence with contact.

At any time you can edit a contact. From contacts' list click on wrench icon and click on edit, or do it directly from contact's profile.

If you also have contacts assigned to a client, you can easily go to contact's profile from client's card. Select CRM, choose a client and click on a wrench icon on the right side of contacts window. Then select Details.



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