Learn new features: departments in contacts and custom fields export/import

Created: 2018-09-27
Last updated: 2018-09-27

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As you can see, this week we've added new contact features. We know that you were waiting for assigning contacts to departments, so read below, what we've got for you!

1. Assigning department to a contact

For a long time you have a possibility to assign client to a department, Departments in contacts weren't neccessary, because contact always had to be pinned to a client. Recently we've changed that, when you told us that you often have a need to work on contacts, which are not assigned to your clients. That's why, from now on, a contact can exist separately from a client. And here we had a problem, because when Sugester's user had an access to data from a certain department only, and no access to 'no department' data, and all contacts didn't have departments, then user couldn't see any correspondence, even with his/her own client.

Luckily we listen to you and care about your needs:) You can add any department you want to any contact in your system, which is not assign to a client. If a contact is pinned to a client, it 'inherits' automatically client's department.

So if you have departments with assigned clients in you Sugester's accounts, now their contacts will be automatically assigned to this departments. Check it out, and you can learn more about this feature in our article: Assigning department to a contact.

2. Custom fields import/export

This feature was definitely missing! So we've extended contacts' export/import, and from now on you can export/import all the fields you want, including your custom fields.
If you need to transfer your contacts' base to excel (or the other way around), you will do it in a moment.
If you haven't used eg. import option yet and you want to learn more, read our article: Importing a customer data base.


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