Timesheet export to xls file

Created: 2018-10-29
Last updated: 2018-10-30

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If you need to generate a report eg. for your client, to present the time you've spent working for him/her to make a pricing, you can quickly do that with timesheet reports. To do so, select Reports > All reports > Timesheets.

To easily deliver such a report to your client, just download it to xls file and send through email.

First select parameters to your report: time period and client's name, and then click on the blue button Download XLS.

Raport w Excelu będzie zawierał takie kolumny jakie znajdują się w raporcie timeshhetu: Report in Excel will contain the same data as you have in timesheet report:
  • date
  • name (describtion)
  • hours you've spent on working
  • project 
  • client
  • user
  • tags
You will also see a sum of hours, time divided to projects, clients, and time without a client.


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