How to export list of clients/contacts

Created: 2018-10-30
Last updated: 2018-10-30

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If you want to transfer your customer database from Sugester to XLS file, you can easily do it in a few steps. First, select Settings > Import/Export.

Then click on the New export. Unfold the list and select Client database export or Contact database export.

System will gather all contacts/clients database, and at the end it will ask you to download the file.
After downloading a new excel window will be opened, with your client database.

Remember, if you have over 5000 clients in your database, you will receive an email with an attachment in the zip file.
The file will be valid for 2 days.

If you've added your custom fields to the list, they will also be exported, and during import you will see them as additional headings.


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