Autocompleting client's category dependent on the form's subpage

Created: 2019-04-08
Last updated: 2019-04-09

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This feature is available with mapping kind Client. You can use it if you group your clients by categories.

First, select the category you want your client to get after he/she fills out the form. Then, edit the form's script while pasting it to your subpage. In the category_id just paste the chosen category's ID. Below you will find an example with a marked place for category's ID.

For each subpage you can add forms' script with different category_id, with all your CRM categories. You can paste category's ID between "". You will find category's ID in Settings > Account settings > Categories > CRM categories. Click on the category and copy numbers from URL address, eg.: - in here, category's ID is 31655

With this feature, after filling the form on the particular subpage, system will know, to which category it should assign to a client in the CRM.

How does it look? For example, if you run a language school and in Sugester you collect contact forms from the people, who are interested in English lessons, you can paste the form's script on the English language subpage (and select 'English' category). If it's a German subpage, select 'German' category. Then you will know which course your client is interested in. Also, when you sort by categories you can check which course is mostly selected so you can think about discounts or expending the offer.


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