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Created: 2019-04-18
Last updated: 2019-04-18

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If you work in the field and you run from one client to another, it's not always possible to check Sugester's tasks'/emails' list. In situation like that it may happen, that assigned task or email will be noticed with a delay, which may have different consequences.

To avoid such situation you can set a macro to make sure, that each time someone assigns you eg. a task, you will receive a text message with a reminder. With this automation you're on top of all important issues and you can get to work right away.

In the example below, to make macro work, a task has to have its status changed to a chosen particular one (in our case it's a change to 'To Do' status), and a task has to be assigned to a particular user.

Before you set a macro:
  • check the ID of the status you would like to use (learn more here); in our example it's post.status_id=47283 
  • if you want the system to send a text message to a user, who is assigned to a task, make sure the user's number is typed in the Phone field in user's profile
To create a macro, select Settings > Account settings > Automation > Macros and filters > New filter

Fill in the filter's name and select Action on change at tasks/emails

In the Condition script write down:

post.status_id == 47283 && post.status_id != post.status_id_was && post.responsible_id != null

In the Action script write down:

Sugester.send_sms(responsible.phone, "Urgent!  You've got a new task. Login and get to work!")


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