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Created: 2019-04-19
Last updated: 2019-04-19

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If you're running an employment agency, accounting office or some other kind of business which requires a client to deliver different kinds of documents, you know how often it happens that they do it with a delay or just forget about it.

To avoid such stressful situations you can enable in Sugester automatic notifications (email or text) to remind your client about sending important papers. Setting the automation takes only a moment, and you don't have to remember about everything - part of the job will be done by the system.

The script below will activate email/sms notifications. It will start when you change client's status for the defined one, eg. 'no documents' (in our case status' ID is 48634). The script will work only when you edit a client - it won't work on newly created clients.

Before you set the macro:
  • check the ID of the status you would like to use (learn how to do it here)
  • create an email template which will be sent automatically when a condition meets (learn how to add a template here)
Next, go to Settings > Account Settings > Automation > Macros and filters > New filter

Fill in the name, in the Kind field select Change action in clients

In the Condition script write down:

client.status_id == 48634 &&  client.status_id_was != client.status_id  && client.id_was != null

In the Action script write down:

var template_name = 'Request for sending documents';
var sms = "We'd like to remind we did not receive all of documents we need from you"

Sugester.send_email(client.email, '', '', {template_name: template_name, email_from: 'info@yourcompany.com' });
Sugester.send_sms(client.phone, sms);

Note! Remember that automations are available from Max plan.


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