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Created: 2019-04-19
Last updated: 2019-04-19

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Nowadays companies use various channels to reach customers, sometimes multiple at the same time. Dependent on the communication kind we use emails, phone calls or text messages. The last one seems to be less obliging and your client can read it at any time.
Text messages are a good solution eg. when we want to confirm the acceptance of the complaint, remind about a visit or inform about the next contact.

If you want to implement additional communication channel and automate some processes in the company - use our macros. Sugester enables sending text messages not only when a user  clicks on 'Send SMS', but also when certain conditions meet. This way the system does defined actions based on conditions from your account's settings. You can have a lot of combinations, below we describe some of them.

1. Text message after status change to 'Active'

A status from the title is just an example. You can set automation for any status you want. It will cause in the system action.
If you run eg. nutritional counseling, and after status change (in this case 'active') you want to inform your client you sent him a diet plan, you can use the macro described below.
Note! The macro will be activated in case client didn't have a status and was assigned with a particular one (in our example 'active')

To activate the macro, select Settings > Account Settings > Automation > Macros and filters > New filter

Fill in the name, in the Kind field select Change action in clients

In the Condition script write down:

(client.status_id == HERE PASTE THE STATUS' ID)  &&  client.status_id_was == null 

Learn how to check status' ID

In the Action script write down:

message = "Hello, your diet plan has just been sent on your email address. Good luck!"  

Sugester.send_sms(, message)

2. Send text message to the administrator after client's status changes from 'contact' to 'potential'

You can send text messages to automate internal communication as well. For example, when you change client's status from 'contact' to 'potential', you can make the system to send your account's administrator a text message. Then administrator will now that you've got another potential client, and there's no need to check that in the system's database.

In the Condition script write down:

(client.status_id == PASTE 'POTENTIAL' STATUS ID)  &&  client.status_id_was == PASTE 'CONTACT' STATUS ID 

Learn how to check status' ID

In the Action script write down:

message = "New sales opportunity in the system"  

Sugester.send_sms(PASTE THE ADMIN'S/USER'S PHONE NUMBER FOR, message)


3. Send a text message 5 days after client's status changes from none to 'contact'

With text messages you can also remind your client about a contact with your employee, or that his course just ended and he/she should consider taking another one. It's very comfortable for a client, but it also gives you more opportunities in your marketing/sales strategy.

Before adding a script, please do as follows:

  • add to your client's profile a custom date field, where you can save the date of the first/last classes of the course (custom field kind - date); to this date the system will add numbers of days you set in the script (in our example 5) and will send a text on defined day
  • check the system name of the 'date' custom field - learn more here, in our case it's date1

Text message 5 days after status change from none to 'contact'

In the Condition script write down:

(client.status_id == PASTE 'CONTACT' STATUS ID)  &&  client.status_id_was == null 

In the Action script write down:

message = "Hello, we'd like to remind you about today's contact with our consultant..."
date1 = Utils.add_days(5)
code = "if(client.status_id == PASTE 'CONTACT' STATUS ID){Sugester.send_sms(, '" + message+ "')}"

Sugester.create_action('sms1', code, date1)


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