Get a new task to fill the VoIP call note

Created: 2019-04-23
Last updated: 2019-04-23

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If you care about high service quality, make sure the information flow works just fine in your company. Especially when it comes to the telephone contact. Even when you have a big rotation in your company or your consultants work shifts, each one of them should know when was the last contact with a client and what was it about.

To keep the continuity of the contact, all you need is a simple VoIP calls notes feature. This way you'll always be up to date with clients' reports.

In Sugester to each call you can add a short information with all most important details of the call. You can also leave some pointers for the other consultant. With this feature there's no way for mistakes or misguiding a client.

If you want your consultants to fill the notes after each call, and you know that they don't always remember about it, you can set them a reminder with automatic tasks. Such task will be created every time the note won't be filled in after a call.

To set the automation, select Settings > Automation > Macros and filters > New filter

Fill the name and select filters kind - Action on changes in VoIP

In the Condition script write down:

(((call.status == 'call_end' || call.status_was == 'call_end' || call.status == 'queue_hangup' ) && call.duration != 0) || (call.status == 'call_end'  &&  call.additional_fields['answered'] == '1') && !call.description)

In the Action script write down:

title = 'No VoIP note: ' + call.start_time
content = "A note hasn't been filled in. Number: "  + call.number_from + "o " + call.start_time



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