New task created after a missed call

Created: 2019-04-23
Last updated: 2019-04-23

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If you usually contact your clients with phone calls, you know how important it is how many of them answers your calls. In the ideal world everyone would love to have 100% of calls answered, but reality shows that things don't work that way. Sometimes you have so many calls at the same time, that it's impossible to pick up each phone. Think how many potential clients you're losing if they cannot reach you?

But there's something you can do to minimize the risk of losing a client. Although not always you can speak to your client right away, but you can call him back and quickly solve his/her problem. A client would feel taken care of, and you will gain his loyalty.

If you use Sugester's VoIP module, al you have to do is to set a macro. This way, each time you missed a call, the system will automatically create a new task. In the task you will find a number you should call back. You can also modify the task's content as much as you like. Each of them will go to Unassigned folder in Inbox, so that everybody could see the task and call a client back.

To set the macro, select Settings > Automation > Macros and filters > New filter

Fill in the filter's name and in the Kind field select Action on changes in VoIP

The condition below will meet if the call's status is 'busy call' or 'unanswered'

In the Condtition script write down:

((call.status == 'call_end' || call.status_was == 'call_end' || call.status == 'queue_hangup' ) && call.duration == 0) || call.status == 'CANCEL' || call.status == 'BUSY' || call.status == ''

In the Action script write down:
if (call.outgoing ==1 ) {
} else {
  content = 'You have a missed call: ' + call.number_from


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