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Sugester has features known as Marketing Automation (MA), Customer Service Automation (CSA) and Sales Automation.

To enable Automation module, select Settings > Automation.

You can set various kinds of automation, including:
  • macros/filters - they run after creating a new task or receiving an email
  • reccuring tasks - they are run in defined period of time (eg. every minute, every hour, every day, month year)
  • auto sending (email/SMS)-  emails/texts are sent to a defined group of clients (eg. 3 hours after adding a client to your database we sent him an email with an e-book). Note: automatic email/SMS sending is available from plan Max
In macros and filters you can define, what will happen if you receive a particular email or a task. For example, each time you receive an email with specified content, the system can automatically create a task for a chosen user.

In reccuring tasks you can select a list you're currently working on (eg. a list of clients, deals, calls etc.) and define conditions to run a certain action. For instance, you can create a task for client's responsible person to call a client, if his/her status won't change in 3 days since he was added to your database.

In auto sending fisrt you have to define clients' list and conditions to meet to send your clients emails or text messages (eg. if). What's important is that you can send one campaign only once to one client (the first time when a specified action happens) - with that you can make sure your client won't receive the same email many times.

Additionally, Sugester enables collecting data about your clients. Just install a script (Javascript) on your website or add a code to your app (Ruby, PHP) and then all actions on clients will be automatically displayed in the system. Based on this data you can create an automation.


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