How to set post's release date

Created: 2019-05-22
Last updated: 2019-05-23

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If you're in charge of creating knowledge base in your company, or you have reccuring releases of articles the whole company is waiting for, and at the time of release you're happen to be on holiday, you can use a release date feature in the knowledge base. This way, even when you're abscent, important article will be published.

You can also use this feature if you've prepared an article a while ago and it's a long time until post's deadline. Set the release date while creating a post, and the system will do the rest for you, so you don't have to remember anything. A post will be published in your knowledge base right when you wanted it.

Scheduled posts may be created by administrators and users as well.
Hours available on the calendar are matching your current timezone.

Set the release date

To schedule the release date, whilst creating a post click on Release date and set the right time. You can select a day and an hour. Click on Save.


Edit the release date

If something happens and you have to change the release date, just select Knowledge Base from the top menu, click on the posts number next to the knowledge base you want to edit and go to the posts list in your inbox.

From the list select a post and click on Edit, by unfolding an arrow next to the Reply button. This way you can enter a window for post creating/editing, where you can change the release date.



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