Shortened deal's description in client's profile

Created: 2019-05-23
Last updated: 2019-12-03

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You can use Sugester's deals in many ways - for example, to register and monitor sales opportunities in your company or to save your services sales history.
Sales history can be created by adding deals manually or automatically, if you have an integration with

When you use deals to note clients payments, it's crucial to have all important data in your sight. That's why in Sugester you can add a description to each deal and decide whether you want it to be displayed in client's profile, next to the deal's name, or not. With this feature every time you check the deals list in the client's profile, you will see all details regarding chosen payment, like a discount you want to grant or that invoice's data changes next month.

You can manage deals description in Deals settings. Just select Settings > CRM settings > Deals and mark the Show shortened deal description in client's profile checkbox.

From now on you will see all important deals' details in a client's profile.
Remember that you set this feature for the whole account.



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