What are deals for?

Created: 2019-05-24
Last updated: 2019-12-10

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If you run sales in your company and you need to monitor its stages and results, then you can use our deals feature.

Below we describe two ways of using deals.

Deals as sales opportunities

One of Sugester's deals advantages is a possibility to save each action which leads to reach your goals and close the deal. A group of this actions in sales are usually called 'sales opportunity'.
Creating, managing and monitoring sales opportunities is crucial in each company, which strives to succeed. Sales opportunity visualises actions on each step, from the creation of a sales opportunity, also by the first offer, negotiations and implementation.

Working with sales opportunities is especially important in the sales department - it enables your traders to analise, monitor and make a sales forecast. With sales opportunity a trader can also easily define the reason for failure for each opportunity, and can verify how many opportunities and on which stage were lost. These are bases for thinking through your sale tactics and implementing necessary changes.

With deals integrated with CRM you have all sales related information in one place - history of communication in clients profile, information about discounts, offers and tasks to resolve for a particular sales opportunity.

All of that leads to increase of sales.


Deals as a financial history

Not each company have a sales department, but each company must sell to expand. That's why each sale should be written down, so later you can analize it and plan the next stages of your growth. With deals in Sugester you can have a record of each product or service sale. Each deal can be assigned to a particular client, so you can create a clear history of your transactions.

If you don't really care for close monitoring of sales stages, and you just want to have your transactions written down, then you need to create a deal, assign it to a client and set its value. Even such a simple record allows you to verify progress in your company, you can also activate automations to support your marketing strategy.

For example, with deals you can write down how long a subscription or a course lasts for each client. You can also set a reccuring task or a filter, so the system will look itself for clients, whose subscription ends soon (eg. 7 days from today) and remind you to reach out to them with another offer.

Deals also help you with discounts. By saving each transaction for a particular client you're able to compare, which one is more valuable and deserve a discount.

You can find deals in Sugester's top menu: CRM > Deals.



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