Learn new features: changes in displaying custom fields, updated email campaign testingi, new column for deal's description

Created: 2019-06-10
Last updated: 2019-06-10

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This week we've got few small changes for you. Learn more below :)

1. Empty custom fields in client's profile won't be displayed

You've asked us about it many times, and finally it's ready :) From now on, in client's profile you will see only filled custom fields. Empty fields won't be displayed, of course untill a user fills them in. With this feature all information about a client will be much clearer and more transparent. You can always go to the full list of field by clicking on 'Edit' in client's profile.

For now the change is only in clients, but for sure some day we will also make changes in deals and project :)

All information about custom fields you can find in this article.

2. Test your email campaign - updated feature

As you know, in Sugester you can test your email campaign before sending it. It's always good to test your campaign just so you can see, if everything is ok visually and stylistically, or if your email hasn't gone to the spam folder. Until now you could send an email only one for a chosen address. Now it has changed - you can send multiple test emails to the one address. No need to login to dozens of other mailboxes just to see if your campaign is fine, you need only one from now on.

You can learn more here: How to test email campaign before sending

3. Deleting email campaigns is disabled from now on

You won't find anymore 'Delete' button in your email campaign's list - it's not an error or a mistake. We disabled this feature on purpose. Why? Because our customer support team had a little bit of a problem when you reported an error in email campaign, and it turned out that we couldn't check it out - because the campaign was already deleted. We realized that if we want to quickly help you with solving the problem, without asking programmer when it's not neccessary and makes you wait longer for the answer. You may ask, how to get rid of sent campaign now? Just use 'Archive' button - this way old campaign will disappear from the main list

4. Deal's description in a separate column in deal's list

We've taken out deal's description to the separate column. Until now you could have found it right under the deal's name, which not always was clear and transparent. Now, like in client's list, you can set a column with description, you can also easily sort deals by added description (empty/filled) just by clicking on the column's heading.

For all of you, whose description suddently disappeared from the list - in the 'Display options' just mark the checkbox next to the column you want to display.
You can learn more here: Custom view in the deals' list.


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