SMSapi integration

Created: 2016-11-02
Last updated: 2019-04-17

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You can integrate Sugester with SMSAPI and:
  • send personalized text messages. It will sure increase your client's commitment
  • send texts with birthday wishes
  • send SMS campaigns about new products or sales in your company
  • receive SMS notification about important email
  • receive SMS notification about new invoices (for Invoice Ocean client's)
  • monitor your employees work in the system. Eg. you can receive a text when your employee adds new activity in client's profile or an info about sale.

To send texts to your clients and get SMS notification - create an account at
Then, go to the menu Settings > Account Settings > Integration > integration and paste the data from your account at  "Smsapi username email" and "API Password (md5) smsapi" and click SAVE.

1. Copy email address from SMSAPI

2. Copy API Password (md5) 

3. In Sugester go to Settings > Account settings > Integrations > Integration with Mark the checkbox, and input your email address and API password. To check, if the integration works properly, select Test shipping SMS.



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