Buyer different than receiver

Created: 2017-01-20
Last updated: 2019-12-10

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Sometimes, when you issue an invoice, product's Buyer is different than the Receiver. While adding/editing a client, Buyer field allows to connect two clients in Sugester, where one is second's payer.

This feature is especially important if you have integration with

If you have an active integration with Invoice Ocean, in deal's window you have +Add invoice button.

After clicking on +Add invoice you will be transfered to Invoice Ocean, so you could issue an invoice for a customer (if he has other Buyer, he will be added as well).

Deal's name from Sugester will fill in the first field in the invoice, and deal's value from Sugester will fill in gross price of the product/service.

Note! In Sugester you can issue 1 invoice for 1 deal or 1 invoice with many deals.
If you want to issue an invoice for 1 deal, just click on +Add invoice in deal's card.
If you want your invoice to have many deals, mark them with checkboxes on deals' list and click on Add invoice. All chosen deals will show up later in your invoice.



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