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Created: 2015-05-13
Last updated: 2018-06-20

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If you are using Sugester under your own domain, you will be logging into the system using HTTPS, while the remaining pages will be served using HTTP. In order for the whole system to be available via HTTPS, you must send us an SSL certificate and we will add it to your account. In the Enterprise plan, this is a free service, while in lower plans, installing a certificate and its own IP will result in additional incurred costs. 

Forum / Knowledge Base

The option "Enforce SSL at login" causes the page to be redirected to the HTTPS protocol at login and registration.

If your suggestion forum works on your own domain (it is not a domain * and if you want to login via SSL there are 2 options available:

1. select Settings > Feedback Configuration > Management> Additional options > Force SSL login - and then login will be done by temporarily redirecting to the domain * where the correct SSL is installed 
2. it is also possible to send your own SSL certificate to us and we can connect it to the website - then you will not be redirected to the domain *

NOTE: if SSL is enabled and you are referring to images or CSS from other servers then you should check whether these references are via HTTPS.


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