Changing the account name

Created: 2015-05-14
Last updated: 2018-04-27

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Sugester enables you to freely choose the name of your account. We suggest you stick with simple solutions, i.e. using the company name or something similar in or as the account name. 

You can change more than just the account name, such as the URL link, under which you can find your Sugester and the main email address which was used to register the account. The feature for changing the email address is useful when you initially created your Sugester account using a private email and want to change it to a company email. 

To change the name, email or the URL of your account in Sugester, navigate to Settings > Account settings and in the Configuration window apply the appropriate changes. 

To change the URL of the account, click on the Change button. A field for inserting the new address will become active. 

After you are done conducting your changes, hit the Save button. 


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