Helpdesk basics

Created: 2015-05-14
Last updated: 2019-03-08

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1. What is a helpdesk?
Helpdesk is the part of your company which deals with customer's issues and questions. Helpdesk employees deal with issues like site errors, pricing enquiries and so on. If you want to find out more,check out our blog post 'How to run a good helpdesk'.

2. How to start using Sugester's helpdesk?
Using our helpdesk involves just two simple steps. First, enable the helpdesk module on your account by ticking checkbox pictured below:

The second step is optional - you can setup your internal e-mail accounts so that they redirect to your Sugester Helpdesk. You can do that using your e-mail providers interface, or by changing your MX records (see 'How to set up MX records to point to Sugester').


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