Configure and manage your knowledge base

Created: 2015-07-02
Last updated: 2016-01-05
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Knowledge base configuration

All information about setting up, configuring and managing your knowledge base collected in one place.

  • How to create a new knowledge base

    It takes just a few clicks. Go to article

  • How to customize your knowledge base

    If you want to, you can change almost every aspect of your knowledge base's appearance.

  • Knowledge base under your own domain

    Maintain a consistent brand identity and user experience Przejdź do artykułu

  • Notifications about new comments

    Make sure you always know what your users think. Go to article

  • Modify viewing and editing privileges

    To keep your content safe.

  • Enable SSL login

    Make sure your users' data is safe. Go to article

  • Connect your Knowledge Base with Google Analytics

    Track and analyse your visitors' behavior. Go to article

  • Connect your Knowledge base with a Suggestions Forum

    Easily include user-generated content in your KB. Go to article

  • Manage categories

    Good categorization will help your users find their away around the knowledge base. Go to article


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